Services and Pricing

Please note: I am only taking new nail trim clients at this time. I am no longer accepting new grooming/bathing clients.

Please see below for my current service offerings.


Time length: 30-60 minutes

A consultation is required before any grooming services are performed.

This initial consultation accomplishes 4 tasks:

(1) Provide a price/time estimate based on meeting your dog.

(2) Become familiar with the location.

(3) Start a positive relationship with your dog(s) so that there is a foundation of trust already built between us before grooming begins.

(4) Answer any questions you may have once you are able to see what the process looks like in your home.

The main goal of the visit is to feel out your dog’s comfort level and begin building a trusting relationship with your pup.


Getting your dog’s nails done at the salon or vet can be a stressful experience. This service affords me coming to your home for a nail trim. Quick, easy, and comfortable. A consultation is required to determine whether your dog is a good candidate for this valuable service.

NAIL REHAB CLINIC starts at $145

If nail trims are a terrifying ordeal for your pup and you cringe every time that time comes, this is the service for you! I will practice Counter-Conditioning, Desensitization, and positive reinforcement techniques to help your dog accept nail trims without the high stress response. The investment is worth the many years of peace of mind you get from dealing with this problem upfront.

**Coming October 21st, 2019***

NAIL REHAB CLINIC for Dog Owners: online self-study course for dog owners

Check back here for updates!



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