I am proud to say my business is built entirely on loyal clientele, referrals, and good word-of-mouth. I believe my business has been successful because of the consistent quality of my service.

Take a look at a few regular clients and see for yourself!

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Jasmine is the VERY best groomer I have ever had!  I have been with Jasmine for about five years. Jasmine is reasonably priced, personable, reliable, and has a high level of integrity – I completely trust her in my home while away.  This is so important to me! She is a master groomer with awesome customer service skills.  Others have brought my Pomeranian down and his double coat grows back patchy. Jasmine, on the other hand knows exactly how to handle it and clearly knows what she’s doing.  Peanut always looks FABULOUS and I can tell he FEELS so much better after his groom.”
-Shannon P, Owner of Peanut the Pomeranian (pictured above)

Joey and Rocky

“Wow, Jasmine Pulido is the best dog groomer in Seattle. Jasmine has been grooming my two dogs, Joey (Maltese) and Rocky (Shih Tzu) for more than 5 years. Joey and Rocky absolutely love Jasmine. I trust Jasmine with every aspect of caring and grooming with the dogs. Jasmine is very knowledgeable, professional, kind, and detail oriented. In addition, I know Jasmine to be a very good trainer! Jasmine’s high standards of excellence enhance my dog’s grooming experience. Also, with her vast knowledge and experience, she can alert you if she sees anything to be concerned about your pet’s health.” – Dr. Felix Marcial, Owner/Father of Joey the Maltese and Rocky the Shih Tzu.

Bella the Wheaten, notice how relaxed she looks on the grooming table!

“After several bad experiences with groomers, Bella couldn’t take it any more. Before grooming she would shake and cry, and afterwards would be physically sick for days. When a friend recommended that we try Jasmine, we were honestly out of options. From the moment I met Jasmine, I had a good feeling. She listened and had thoughts about how to ease Bella into grooming, and how to make it a positive experience. Lots of breaks, lots of treats, and lots of encouragement, plus a gentle hand. Many months later and Bella is a new dog. She looks great, and most importantly she’s not traumatized by her grooming sessions. I didn’t think it was possible! I’d recommend Jasmine to anyone – she’s the consummate professional, truly amazing with sensitive dogs, and she does a great job!“– Jenny B, Owner/Mother of Bella the Wheaten Terrier

The convenience of having a home visit dog groomer is wonderful. What makes it perfection, is that Jasmine is an excellent dog groomer. Kipper has had very good experiences with Jasmine and always looks spectacular after the visit. When Jasmine comes to my home for the appointment, it feels like a friend is coming for a visit who just happens to have a grooming table and grooms the dog.”-Martina H., mother of Kippy the Standard Poodle (pictured below, client photo submission)


“…Jasmine is the best dog groomer EVARRR!  She’s always patient with my pup, even with his unruly Pomeranian hair, and she cuts his hair perfectly every time.  She also gets close to areas of my dog that I wouldn’t venture without gloves.  So, in my book, I’m definitely a fan of her grooming specialties.“–Tarah M, Owner/Mother of Romy the Pomeranian


Whenever anyone comes to the house, Andy usually runs away and hides. But when he sees Jasmine coming, he sits and looks out the window waiting for her and his tail goes a mile a minute. We like Jasmine because she takes her time and he always looks handsome. We’ve tried others before and when we pick him up he looks like he needs to go back in again. “-Helen P. , Owner/Mother of Andy the Yorkie Mix

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