How does it work?
You will first receive a consultation (see “Services & Pricing page” for more info) so you and your pup know what to expect from my unique service offerings. I’ll bring a toolbox, some additional tools/equipment, and a grooming table.

Please provide the following:
 -access to a tub or sink
 -a small space with adequate lighting for a grooming table
 -one electrical outlet 
 -a couple of towels
 -cash/check payment
-your dog’s most favorite, rarely-given treats!
How long does it take?
On average, it takes about 1.5-3 hours and that includes set-up/tear-down and clean up.

Can I be there to watch while you are grooming my dog?

Yes! You can watch the entire process and feel comfortable that your pet is being treated with care and respect. Some dogs do better if you are out of eyesight. In this case, you can still be around just not in visual range.

Can I do errands or leave the house while you are grooming my dog? 

Once your first visit is completed… Sure! Many owners will be there to receive me and then leave to do errands or leave me a key if they are not home at all.

How often do you recommend my dog get groomed?
I can make recommendations once I see your dog because it can depend on their coat type and your own preferences. On average, my clients have their dogs groomed every 4-8 weeks with a few clients having their dogs groomed as often as every 2 weeks to as long as every 3 months.

I strongly recommend you that you pre-book your next appointment at the conclusion of your service. This guarantees you an appointment spot when you want it and keeps your dog feeling secure in a routine.

I only really want the haircut. Can I do a haircut with no bath? Or can I do the bath myself?
It is important that I do the bath myself and include it with the haircut service. For groomers, a proper, thorough bath and brush are a large part of what makes a good haircut. Additionally, an improper bath will dull my tools quickly. Sometimes exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. In these cases, full groom service is still charged for my time as appropriate.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Tino the Pomeranian-Lhasa Mix getting blow-dried

How much time in advance should I book an appointment?

My schedule can vary but regularly books up to 3-4 weeks out. I recommend booking your next appointment at the conclusion of your service.

What do you do in case of injury or emergencies?
I am Pet First Aid and CPR certified. In case of emergency where you are not present, I will take your dog to the closest vet. If your dog’s vet is on file, I will take your dog to their current vet and contact you to inform you of the situation.

How many injuries have you had that have required vet attention?

Since starting this unique grooming model and business in 2011, I have had zero injuries in need of medical attention. I believe this is because I read your dog’s body language carefully and stop long before your dog reaches their stress threshold, a definitive benefit of having a dog trainer grooming your pup.

Every once in awhile, there has been a minor cut, nick, or clipper irritation. This is an inevitable side effect of dealing with unpredictable animals and sharp objects, but I am able to reduce it to a rare occurrence. If this happens, I always report it to you and note on your file that you have been made aware of it.

Do you groom cats?
No. I’m allergic!

I can refer you to a local vet or groomer who can do this service. Despite allergies, I can still come to your home if a cat is present.

I am unavailable on the days you work. Is there a way to still have you groom my dog?

Yes! Like a dog walker, we can arrange completing my service for your dog while you are at work. Leave for work with a dirty dog and come home to a happy, clean one!

Do you groom older dogs or dogs with medical conditions?
Yes! I now offer rotational services for dogs who need short sessions. Please see my Services & Pricing Page for more information on this service.

Lola the Bernese Mountain Dog



My dog is extra large. Will you still groom him/her?

I am currently not accepting large dogs (50 pounds or more) at this time. Check back again as this may change in the future!

My dog sheds a lot. I’m not sure I want him/her groomed in my home because of all the mess. Is there some other alternative?

If your dog is under 50 pounds and needs deshedding, I can arrange to pick up your dog and bring them to a local self-service dog wash. You would pay the facility fee along with the grooming charge.  This ends up being a convenient way to get the deshedding service you want for your dog without having to take them to a traditional grooming salon or have them sitting in a kennel for a long period of time. Additionally, there’s no mess in your home!

I hear you are a good dog trainer too. Do you offer dog training services too? 

Due to multiple requests by current clients, I have now started offering dog training services as of August 2018! While my emphasis is heavily in body handling, grooming, and dog reactivity, I love creative problem-solving to benefit dogs when I can. Please inquire with your behavioral concerns.

How far do you travel?
I travel up to an 5-mile radius from Ballard. If you aren’t sure you are within that radius, it doesn’t hurt to contact me and find out for sure! For an additional time-based fee, I will travel up to 8 miles.

Sometimes your website says you have a Wait List. When does this happen and why?
For dogs to do well in my service, it is vitally important to be able to set them up regularly for their recommended grooming schedule.  Having a cap on my client list ensures I can take the best care of my current clients.

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