CANCELED: Nail Trims @ Mudbay Ballard


Nail trims canceled until further notice! Check back for updates on the return of this nail trim event. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Nail Trim Events @ All The Best Petcare


I’ll be making more rounds at the All The Best retail stores in Queen Anne, Ballard, and Lake City locations this Fall!

Schedule is now up for September and October dates. Check out the link below for details.

Gentle, low stress nail trims

Gentle, Low Stress Nail Trims

Are nail trims are a source of inner turmoil for you and your pup?

Are you anxious about the Groomer Russian Roulette you feel like you have to offer your dog up to whenever its time for his nails to get done again?

Fear not! Penny Paws is offering its fine services at a retail location near you this summer. We use positive reinforcement, humane handling techniques, and calm energy to help your pup endure the nail dilemma.

Check out our schedule at “All The Best” for details. Hope to see you there!


5 Year Anniversary!

Penny Paws just completed 5 years of service here in Seattle, WA this March!

We are SO EXCITED to be a thriving business in the Seattle Small Business Community.

Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to this year with new and continuing developments!

Learning T-TOUCH with fellow groomer colleagues…

Offering positive, gentle, low-stress nail trims at Mudbay in Ballard…


Starting our very first positive grooming workshops at Rub-A-Dub Dog Wash! Topics such as ,”Tips on How to Improve Dogs’ Experience with Nail Trims at a Busy Location” and “How to do Safe Sanitary Trims”…

SOON TO COME: “Nail Rehabilitation Clinic” for the overly stressed nail trim dog and parent! And More!

$5 Dog and Cat Nail Trims Bow-wow-nanza!

catdog.jpeg Back by popular demand and with more bang for your buck:

$5 dog AND cat nail trims coming to Ballard on Sunday, March 20th!

Penny Paws will be partnering with both Mudbay as well as special guest and  fellow colleague from Paradise Pet Lodge, Lisha Schue!

Lisha is an experienced groomer for both dogs and cats, a former grooming manager and trainer, and has an educational background in Veterinary Assistance. Lisha will be helping you with your cat nail needs at our event!

Come to Mudbay in Ballard (5314 15th Ave NW, Seattle 98107) and visit us on Sunday March 20th from 10:30am-2:30pm!

$5 Nail Trims at Mudbay Ballard in November!

Back by customer requests, I’ll be coming back to Mudbay-Ballard for another nail trim event!
Here are the details:

What: $5 Nail Trims
Where: Mudbay Ballard: 5314 15th Ave NW
When: Sun, Nov 8th from 1-4pm
Who: Any pup with claws needing trimming

I use positive reinforcement in my grooming which works  great for any dogs who are already scared for their nail trims. Hope to see you there!