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Panic-Free Pedicures: Free Webinar for the Dedicated Dog Owner

Your dog loves you but hates nail trims.

You’ve tried everything from bribing her with treats and holding her paws regularly to tons of patience and vetting her groomer.

But it doesn’t matter. Once the nail clippers come out it all falls apart: She refuses to eat. She refuses to play. She refuses and runs away.

But good dog owners don’t give up when it comes to family, furry or not. They don’t become immune to their pain. They don’t accept that’s “just how it is”. They find answers.

The answers are here.

In this free webinar, I’ll talk about the real problems that cause dogs to hate nail trims like:

  1. the most common body condition that unknowingly causes pain during nail trims,
  2. all the unnoticed elements going on in the background that are influencing her fear,
  3. all the subtle signs she is desperately trying to send that aren’t being received,
  4. how dog owner  mindset constantly messes up dog outcomes,
  5. …and force-free, emotionally-response tools that respects your dog’s needs while still getting the job done.

It doesn’t require force, tons of money, or ridiculous amounts of time. All it takes is you and a few expert tools from an experience dog trainer and dog groomer.

September 2019
FREE online live webinar, “8 Reasons Your Dog Hates Nail Trims… and what dog owners can do about it”, Monday September 30th, 2019 at 9am.
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October 2019
FREE Seattle workshop in Ballard, WA: “8 Reasons Your Dog Hates Nail Trims… and what dog owners can do about it”, Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 at 6pm. AHIMSA Dog Training, 925 NW 49th St Seattle, WA 98107. Register here.